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Curzn Alloys Case Study

Accurate and Efficient Scrap Metal Weighing Thanks To Truck Scale/weighbridge.

As the scrap metal industry relies heavily on accurate weighing to determine material pricing – with many bulk metals bought and sold by the kilo – customers who sell scrap metal rely on their buyers to deliver a fair price for all materials purchased.

With 100 years of experience, Curzn Alloys stresses integrity in all their transactions with scrap customers in the industrial and retail sectors, as well as other scrap dealers. Curzn then processes these metals for milling and provides full quantity, single material loads to domestic and foreign mills. From their trained staff specializing in metal grading to their regularly calibrated onsite scales, Curzn makes accurate scrap weighing a priority.

Retail customers deliver their materials directly to Curzn`s facility, smaller metal quantities – particularly high-grade metals – are weighed on the company’s floor scale to provide precise readings within 0.5 Kg. increments. Curzn`s truck scale is used to double check scrap loads sold by dealers, as well as to determine the final weight of bulk scrap.

Longer, Wider Scale Accommodates Bigger Vehicles

“The 30-foot scale we were replacing was at least 25 years old, so it had reached the end of its useful life, but we also wanted to lengthen the scale,” said William Nix, operations director at Curzn noted that many over-the-road trucks are delivering trailers that were now longer than their counterparts a decade ago. A longer scale would allow a full truck to be weighed at once, saving the time and hassle of progressively weighing each vehicle axle by axle.

High Reliability

The replacement that Curzn selected – was the Cardinal Tuff Deck weighbridge, 15 metres long and 3 metres wide. In addition, the scale platform features high-strength, all welded steel construction – with a heavy duty design that provides greater deck rigidity and minimizes deck deflection and also needed a heavy-duty scale platform to handle increased business. Even though a rugged load cell could handle this stress. The scale platform is designed with a substantial amount of steel in the weighbridge to withstand heavy rain and frequent use, and the load cells are well protected from environmental elements.


The Weighbridge deck is connected to a Cardinal 825 Spectrum display with full qwerty keyboard and backlit interactive colour touch screen LCD display to enable ease of use and customization of the extensive range of software and database management together with USB ports for export of stored data.

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