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Filling Systems


Precision Weighing Systems specialise in the bespoke manufacture of weight controlled liquid filling systems suitable for the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and many other industries where fast accurate filling of containers is required.

All `contact parts` are constructed from food grade`316` stainless steel and can withstand the harshest of chemicals. The electronic weight displays are sealed to IP67, the load sensors are sealed to IP66 and covered by the weigh platforms to give added protection, the main control box is also sealed to IP66, allowing the whole filling system to be washed down when corrosive acid or alkali products have been used as well as cleaning down and rinsing out the system to allow product change.

Generally two types of filler suffice most requirements, the smaller unit caters for 1 to 5 litre containers whilst the larger unit caters for 10 to 30 litre containers. Both systems have 4 filling heads and the `TARGET WEIGHT` for each fill head is set independently to allow for different containers to be filled with the same product.

Gravity fed or if the vessel outlet is at low level then a `Pumped` version is available.

Operation is simple, the containers are placed on the weigh platforms and under the filling system feed spouts, the operator lowers the fill spouts and simply presses the `START` button. Each weigh platform is then `SET TO ZERO`, the pneumatic fill valves open and filling commences.

Ease of use together with safety features are standard, incorporating the following.

  • `Target weight` programmed by operator through keyboard.
  • Indication of filling -flashing `b`.
  • Indication of fill cycle completed -flashing `e`.
  • Emergency `stop button` closes all pneumatic valves regardless of any other parameters.
  • Fill valves automatically close `failsafe` in the event of a power cut.
  • Manual override valves individually close each fill head.
  • Electronic monitoring of weight prevents `double filling`.
  • `START` fill cycle can only be initiated when fill spouts are in correct position.

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