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ASD Metal Weighbridge Case Study

PWS was recently called out by ASD METAL SERVICES LTD based in Blackburn to discuss the application of truck weighing to their site.
We take a logical approach to providing the correct solutions and approached this one in much the same way.

Firstly identify what the customer is trying to achieve?

  • Weigh the truck before entering site & upon leaving fully loaded to calculate the weight of product in the truck.
  • Proof of each individual weight.
  • Do the above as quickly & efficiently as possible.

Secondly we identified problems that may arise from this?

  • Small Yard (not enough room for a standard weighbridge).

Thirdly offer the solution and avoid any problems with installation and operation.

  • Installed a pit-mounted ‘Axle weigher’ which takes up 3m x 1m as opposed to a standard 15m weighbridge.
  • Supply custom written soft ware ‘Dynamic weighing’ which means the scale records a live weight whilst the truck is still moving allowing rapid recording of individual axle weights tighter with both the Gross and Net weight.
  • Provided an additional large ‘remote display mounted outside ’with traffic light indication to enable the driver to monitor the weighing process.
  • Provide a printer to record and print weighbridge tickets, provide a USB port to download complete weighing data, for use in commercial spread sheet applications.

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